My Legacy Memorial offers some answers to frequently asked questions about our products and services. For any other questions or inquires, please don’t hesitate to contact us at!


Does the fee for the Marker include the website space for the memorial or is there an annual fee for space?

There is only a one-time purchase for your Legacy Marker. It comes with a one-time subscription to the memorial service and unlimited amounts of space. Our biggest objective is to create a one-time cost instead of a monthly subscription. We don’t want to restrict people from viewing their family information just because of an unpaid bill. Legacy is about preserving memories, not about collecting a monthly fee.

How long does it take to get my loved ones Legacy Memorial and Marker setup?

Your Legacy Marker and Memorial can be set up in minutes. Simply register and fill out your loved ones information by clicking here. Once submitted, we will do the rest of the work for you. Within 24 hours, your information will be live and ready to scan. All you need to do is affix the Legacy Marker to your loved ones headstone and start scanning!

Who may make changes to my Memorial?

Each account is monitored by a family moderator who may make changes to the information at any time. They may also designate others who may make changes to the information. Online, grave site, or memorial visitors may view this information and may leave comments or share their own memories, but will not be able to make changes to the information without permission from the family moderator. This will help perpetuate the Legacy without undermining the integrity of the information.

How do I view my Legacy Memorial from my Marker?

Legacy Markers use a Quick Response, or QR barcode to direct scanners to your loved ones memorial. A QR Code is a 2-dimensional barcode that can be read by any mobile phone with a camera or barcode reading application installed. These QR codes are programmed with redundancies, to guarantee your Legacy Marker will scan in any condition. As technology changes, so will we. It’s our highest priority to make sure your information is safe and easy to access no matter what technology is prevalent. Every Legacy Marker is programmed onto your own custom mobile site. Each site is optimized for every mobile device. No matter what device you use to scan your Legacy Marker, you will see vibrant images and videos of your loved ones.

How do I scan my Legacy Marker with my phone?

Instructions will vary depending on your mobile device. Simply download any barcode scanning application from your providers mobile market on your device. We recommend using “RedLaser” on Iphones and “Barcode Scanner” for Android and blackberry. My Legacy Memorial will soon have it’s own barcode scanner, so check back soon for optimized scanning!

How is the Legacy Marker affixed to the headstone?

Each marker is affixed with a self-sealing adhesive tape from 3m. It is already applied to the marker, so all you have to do it peel the protective tape off the back and adhere it to the memorial. We found that cleaning the surface with a simple alcohol prep pad (included with every marker) creates a clean surface to adhere to. These materials will not harm your headstone or memorial. The adhesive is specifically designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and temperatures.

Can you affix the Legacy Marker to any type of headstone?

Yes, with the Legacy Markers compact design, they can be placed on any type of headstone. Older headstones may be brittle, so caution should be used when placing your Legacy Marker on deteriorating headstones.

Will weather affect my Legacy Marker?

No. Each marker has been hand crafted from a specially treated stainless steel and etched with a high intensity laser. These techniques were specifically chosen to resist corrosion and weather the elements. Even the programming of each barcode was taken into consideration to make sure that every mobile device could easily scan each code every time. They will work, or we will replace it for free! Guaranteed!

What if the Legacy Marker is damaged or stolen?

Hopefully this will never happen, but in the event that your Legacy Marker is damaged or stolen contact us for replacement instructions.

Is a smooth surface necessary to affix the marker to the headstone? Can it be placed on rough or crumbling stone?

A smooth surface is definitely the best place for your marker. However, they will still affix to rough or deteriorating headstones. Regardless of the headstone, installation is easy enough for anyone to do in less than 2 minutes. Simple instructions are provided with each marker to help with the installation process. If your marker falls off or does not stick, we will provide replacement adhesive to make sure it adheres properly.

Is there any kind of guarantee with my Legacy Marker?

Yes. My Legacy Memorial is committed to your 100% satisfaction. We guarantee your Legacy Marker will scan and withstand the elements for life. Contact us if you are not satisfied for any reason!

My parents share a headstone. Can I put links to two individuals on one Legacy Marker?

Legacy Marker is designed to hold whatever information you would like. It can be for one person, or couples. We can even link multiple Legacy Markers together to form a chain of families and friends.

What happens to my memorial if My Legacy Memorial disappears?

Of course we do not foresee a reason to close our website, but if the event does occur we will provide an option for each user to download their memorial to preserve in their own database.